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Plan To Go Agreement

This agreement is your commitment to Plan to Go


Our retainer fee of $75 will cover the following services:

  • Set up of client information into our database

  • One-on-one consultations by phone or email (your preference) to determine your expectations and desired experiences while on vacation

  • Research into the best possible matches as far as itineraries, resorts, hotels or other venues, flights, etc 

  • Once we find a good match that we think you will enjoy based on our contacts, we will place a 24 hour hold on the reservation

  • We will contact you with the potential match and you will have the 24 hours to get back to us with your decision as to whether you want to proceed with that booking or to have us to continue researching.  After 24 hours the pricing may change, thus it is important to give us feedback at your earliest convenience.

  • We will research up to 5 additional matches for you to review without requiring any additional deposit on the Plan to Go.  If you wish more than 5 matches in total, you may increase your Plan to Go deposit by $50 for an additional 5 matches.

  • Once you have chosen your package, we will book it for you.  In general you will put down a deposit (amount varies) with the supplier though some clients prefer to pay the full amount at that time so that its a "done deal."

  • Either way, once final payment is made, your Plan To Go deposit will be returned to you via paypal and you will receive a comprehensive itinerary.

  • We offer full support throughout the planning and traveling process for our successfully booked travelers.

  • If for whatever reason you do not choose to book travel with us, your Plan to Go deposit is forfeited and is nonrefundable.  It will cover the time spent researching and working on your booking which is not otherwise compensated for us.  (As opposed to a successful booking which we then make a commission from the suppliers which covers our services).

  • Plan to Go is required for all new clients until 3 successful bookings have been made at which time you can expect a waiver of future Plan To Go deposits.

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